Drink Review-- Starbucks Evolution Fresh "Super Green"

So I have this thing where I refuse to go the gym without something to give me energy. So the only place open at 6a in the morning is Starbucks. The first time I went in and grabbed this bottle the cashier told me $6.53 and I was like... What the eff?! So I put it back. The next time I thought about it and finally gave into throwing my Christmas savings into this drink. I needed something to fuel my metabolism.

So when I opened it up and sniffed it I was like ewh.... the typical "Super Green" smell... wheat grass... It tasted like a nasty ole health drink, but as I continued to drink it, the other flavors started dancing. Maybe the fact that the expiration date was 2 days ago is why it tasted that way. This drink was ok. I would prefer my freshly squeezed grapefruit juice to it any day.

How did I feel after drinking it? Can't truly say I felt like Wonder Woman but it did the trick for my metabolism.


Outfit of The Day-- Puma Inspired

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I have an affinity for rocking animal print. By instinct I just gravitate towards it. So it didn't surprise my close friends when they saw me rocking Puma's Trinomic animal print sneakers. And they are the inspiration for my workout fit today. The tee and capris are from Old Navy. The waist trainer is from TKO.

The first 10 minutes I ever wore these shoes I was getting compliments. They are really fun. I would not wear these sneakers to do any athletic training. But I would walk around Atlanta with some really nice fashion jeans and a funky tee with crazy busy accessories.

Get motivated to stay fit... get some sneakers that fit your personality!


The “Leg Sculptor” Exercise

I call this exercise “Leg Sculptors”. It helps tone the thighs and muscles supporting the knees. If you are having knee issues, this will be great in helping rehabilitation. But always before you begin any weight loss regimen you have got to talk to your doctor.

Step One. Always start with your legs straight and sitting up straight like a 90-degree angle.

Step Two. One leg at a time. Raise your leg while flexing your foot at a 30-degree angle. Put your hands to your side to balance you until you can feel the balance in your core abdominal area.

Step Three. Do NOT let your heel touch the ground. Repeat this cycle 10 to 15 times. See how many you can do. Then repeat this on your other leg. After you have done this you have completed one set. Now go back to step one and do another set. After you cannot finish another set, go to step four.

Step Four. Be sexy, be fly, be beautiful. MUAH!!

For more tips, blogs, and exercise routines visit www.BigBonedFitness.com.


Food Review-- Great Grains Digestive Blend Cereal

I stumbled upon this cereal through one of Publix's BOGO offers, Post's "Great Grains Digestive Blend" cereals. The "digestive blends" is the catch phrase that drew me in. Then the label read "whole grain wheat". So I figured I'd give it a try.

Now I'm not much of a label phene but I do look at the ingredient's list just to be sure the first ingredient says "whole grain" something. And it passed the first test. Each serving (1cup) has 7 grams of fiber... Good for the digestive system. And yes... It did make a sista have to go sit on the royal throne. I had the Berry Medley and the Honey, Oats, and Nuts flavor. I prefer the Oats and nuts version since I'm trying to stay away from artifcial flavoring. They were both good. They have 8 flavors. I had mine with a sliced banana and milk. Now I know goodness well I had more than a cup, but that's a personal preference. I would recommend his product because it did what it said it would do. And that, my darling, is hard for most companies to do.


Lemon Detox Day Five-- Conclusion

Work up this morning, felt fine. I left the remainder of my lemon tonic out last night so it was a fiery furnace when I tasted it this morning. Cayenne Pepper really got a chance to simmer.

By the end of the day I am so over this lemon detox. They say it is going to help you lose weight and they were right. I lost WATER weight for the most part but I was limited SO MUCH!!! I do not like not having energy so I can go to the gym and work it out.... I like my freedom. And with that I am done with this. 

BUT I must say I am glad to have done this. I did get the detox I needed. My mind is clear. My body feels flushed. Actually my body feels absolutely amazing!! According to my beginning and end BMI machine results I lost 0.2% body fat and my BMI decreased .5 points over these 5 days. I highly recommend this detox not for the purpose of losing weight but for the purpose of ridding your body of those devilish toxins. Weight loss of course will follow.

Ending weight: 222
Ending Body Fat%: 44.7
Ending BMI: 41.3