We people of the United States of America are under attack in our personal health and we don’t realize it. The American Food Industry has sold us out to the obesity epidemic. Technological advances in communication and transportation has placed everything we could ever need at the touch of a button. Now as a result of the times, our waist lines continue to expand, our pancreas’ can’t excrete enough insulin to keep up with our intake of excess calories, our hearts work overtime to shove around the excess weight, and as a community, we are beginning to lose the battle of having a rich and productive lifestyle.

At one time I was raised in a family where my dad was in the army and my mother stayed at home. My mom prided herself on making home cooked meals. We rarely ever ate out. It was just the norm. My brother and I were always outside playing and riding our bikes. I look back at our pictures and see how thin we were. But then there was a divorce, now dad is no longer there and mom is working. The family dynamic was strained. Now mom is doing fast food two times a week, Twinkies and Star Crunches babysit us when we get home, and now we are no longer the same little kids just a year ago in Oklahoma. Within a year’s time of this new lifestyle our bodies were now well on their way to being obese. And the only thing that really changed was our diet.

Fitness and food intake goes hand in hand. In order to maintain a healthy level of fitness you must intake foods that are rich in nutrients. When you eat healthy, your body feels healthy. Healthy foods are your fruits, leafy green vegetables, peanuts, and whole grains, brans, and oats. These foods are not overly saturated with empty carbohydrate calories. These foods help you in digestion. They make your skin glow. Your mind is clear. You can think and process information. Performance in the workout class or just normal physical activity will almost seem effortless. There is a sense of balance within the body.

The moment you eat fast food, processed foods, and all these sugary sodas and sweets, your body will feel the difference. Most processed foods, even though they look and smell like real food, have gone through an intense process where the nutrients have been lost. There are so many hormones and chemicals added for the purpose of delivering a beautiful looking entrée while sacrificing the most important part of eating, consuming nutrients.

Look around and open your eyes and see what I’m telling you. We are losing this battle. Far too many people know a grand mother or an auntie that is taking dialysis three times a week due to kidney failure. More people are walking around with a loaded gun for a heart attack… excess belly fat. There used to be that one obese kid in class growing up that would bully everybody. Today there are many morbidly obese kids in class, and now they have high blood pressure and juvenile diabetes. We have got to get physically active. We have to stop this attack. We have to fight this obesity epidemic. For more ways to get active visit www.BigBonedFitness.com.


Just "Sitting" For Long Periods Brings You Closer to Death

I am reading this book, "South Beach Diet Wake Up Call" by Arthur Agatston. He is the same person who wrote "The South Beach Diet". He happens to be a cardiologist and has a lot of research dedicated to heart disease and metabolic disorders. Now mind you... I have a desk job working for a tax software company. I sit 8 for hours a day and up to 14 during the heavy tax season. After reading this I have considered new possibilities in my career... I don't want to be a part of that statistic... Cubicle culture... an early grave... Gotta get more active...

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 8 The High Cost of Inactivity

"Chair time was a strong risk factor for dying of a heart-related event and for many forms of cancer as well. Women who sat more than 6 hours a day had an especially high risk of death as compared to those who spent half time sitting."

"A research group at the University of Missouri found that in addition to deconditioning your body (if you don't use it, you lose it) sitting alters the way the body metabolizes fat. Among other things, it shuts off lipase. a pancreatic enzyme that is key for the absorption of fat into muscles. Lipase deficiency allows fat to build up in the bloodstream. This can result in elevated levels of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, excess belly fat, and , ultimately, prediabetes, diabetes, and heart disease."

Please read this book, it will challenge the way you think about your health and give you ideas to make healthier lifestyle changes.



Langston Walker
Director of Prevention at Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault

I have to say I am incredibly blessed with friends in my circle that inspire and motivate me.  I met Langston when I transferred my LA Fitness job to Atlantic Station in Atlanta. I had heard his voice long before I had ever met him. He is a spin instructor. And he has taught over 1500 classes in his career. How is that for dedication.

I was afraid to talk to him because he has this huge commanding voice. I thought he would start telling me in a loud and authoritative tone my shortcomings in fitness. And at that time I had many. But when he started telling me his story of how he lost over 100 pounds and went from bedridden with chronic back pain to healthy and fit I had to give him a few props. Oftentimes you hear stories about people who went through incredible life challenges and lost a lot of weight. But to actually see the "after" in full effect, it makes you say, "wow, I really can do that too"!

So finally I've taken his spin class. I refuse to take any other class but his. He is very technical and detailed and he shows you the proper way to spin so you don't get injured. I've only taken his class twice but I am already starting to see a change in my body. The bike is set up where you can adjust the resistance so you have the feeling of climbing hills and riding back down. You can stand up or sit down. For the most part you would be doing some type of interval training. And this is what makes spin effective, the ups and downs in levels of intensity. Don't know why I waited so long but I'm so glad I spin!

Please don't forget to read his story, it is one of the most inspirational weight loss stories I have heard in a while.


Big Boned Fitness™ inspired fashions hit the Runway!!

On Saturday, October 25, 2014 KararD Productions sponsored a 5 minute fashion runway set dedicated to fitness inspired fashions. We also debuted the launch of the Cordless Jumprope to the Tampa Bay Area. Special thanks goes out to Ra Ra the founder of the Exotic Elegance Plus Size Models in Tampa, Fl.

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Below is a promotion for the Fashion Show.


Climbing To New Heights... Literally

I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to get a pass for two at Atlanta's Indoor Rock Climbing gym, Atlanta Rock's. For some reason I felt the need to challenge myself. It seems like when I'm facing major life changes or in need to validate my own person... I get this urge to go out and do something physically challenging. I've come to understand this as working through the mental stress, expending all the excess and pinned up energy from all my anxiety.

 So I went out with one of my homegirls. She weighs about 145lbs... I'm like 220. I let her go first. There is this little girl on the ground that acts like an anchor by attaching the other end of the rope to a harness around her waist. She looked like she weighed 120. My homegirl went up and after she made it to the top, released herself to fall down as instructed. But my oh my... See, I warned this little petite pale faced girl that I weigh alot... I pack a lot of weight on this Big Boned Body. So I actually made it to the top (thanks to my pole fitness regimen) and when I released myself to fall down, guess who ALMOST got whisked up... lol... its all good. The staff there is awesome. I would recommend this rock climbing gym for regular exercise. Its a great mental challenge as well.