Big Boned Fitness Now Taping Classes For Atlanta TV Show

We will be taping exercise segments for Season 3 Big Boned Fitness TV to be aired beginning in January 2014 on Comcast Channel 24. The tapings will be held every Saturday after the 1:30pm class at Results Central Fitness. All fitness levels are encouraged to check out the class. Free for the first visit.

Also while you are at the fitness facility, don’t forget to stop by the Big Boned Fitness booth and have your body measurements, body mass index, and before picture taken. This is apart of the Big Boned Fitness challenge that ends December 31. Sign up today and be entered to win lots of free giveaways!!

For more information call or text (657) 333- 5272 or email bigbonedfitness@gmail.com.


Got My Results From the Health Screening at CVS

It actually only took maybe 15 minutes out of my day. Because I was not 40, they refused the Bone Density screening. But I did get my BMI, Blood Pressure, Glucose, and Total Cholesterol work done. And even though I'm great in the Glucose and Blood Pressure screening, my BMI and total cholesterol needs improving. I don't need ANY risk factors for cardiovascular disease, especially since I can control these 2 factors.

So I step on the scale and of course, I'm overfat. Whoopie... my BMI is at 39.8, so I'm obese. Like I didn't know that according to these "medical people" guidelines. I'm 0.2 points away from being morbidly obese. My body fat composition is 44.3%. But am I upset? No, because I remember when it was at 49%. So the fact that there is improvement, I'm good. But I'm glad I am informed.

And my total cholesterol is 189. Now it is in the safe range. Anything below 200 is considered healthy. But the fact that I am 11 points away from being borderline is kinda creeping me out. And they didn't give me the breakdown of HDL, LDL, and triglyceride numbers so I know what to work on. So I'm working on ways to get that number down just a few points.

There are just a few days left in November for CVS Pharmacy's "Project Health". They are giving out free tote's and a $5 CVS certificate redeemable at any of their locations. Be healthy in the new year. Knowing your health score numbers is one of the first ways to getting there.


The Big Boned Fitness Challenge... Coming to Results Central Fitness!

We are hosting our first Big Boned Fitness Challenge starting November 16, 2013 at Results Central Fitness in Decatur, GA. This challenge is only open to women 190lbs or more. 

The challenge starts Saturday, November 16 at 1:30pm. Classes are held every week, same time, same place. Every week each person has to meet specific fitness goals. Take your fitness level from 0 to 150 in 6 weeks!

So get ready to enter in 2014 with healthier eating habits and a few pounds lighter. For more information check out the Big Boned Fitness Challenge.


Free Health Screenings at CVS Pharmacy All November

I'm going to get mine, and if you haven't had a chance to check your BMI, cholesterol, and diabetes status, you should go. For the month of November CVS Pharmacy has announced free screenings for their Project Health Initiative. These screenings include:

Blood Pressure 
Body Mass Index (BMI) 
Total Cholesterol 
Bone Density

These screenings are important for everyone to know. Screenings allow for early detection and prevention of many easily treatable conditions.

Blood Pressure Screenings- Measures pressures in the heart artery
BMI- Measures how much body fat you have compared to whats normal
Glucose- Measures levels of glucose in the blood to check for diabetes
Total Cholesterol-Measures an overabundance of cholesterol levels in the body that cause heart attack
Bone Density-Measures if you are at risk for osteoporosis

Hey if great health is not a good enough reason to go, they also offer a $5 coupon and free tote bag. MUAH!! Stay healthy, stay beautiful, stay strong!!


If you build the muscle, the fat will burn!!

It is just so hard to believe how incredibly easy it is to get our bodies in shape. Theory says in order to lose fat, you need to gain muscle. Your muscles cause your metabolism to be a little higher. Which requires a great diet with a regular eating schedule. In theory it is very simple. The problem comes with the different variables that life tends to send our way.

We are already overworked. Kids need to go places. Everyone wants you to come out and support their project or event. I totally get it. But once you have made up in your mind to make a way to do your body right first, everything else will eventually work itself out. Just remember at the end of the day, when your world stops, everyone's will continue to grow and evolve around you. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy and strong. You only have one life to live!! MUAH!!